Tasmanian Flood Relief – Wharfage Rebate

Waiver of inbound Wharfage (Melbourne to Tasmania ports) for Tasmanian Flood Relief Shipments

 Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) would like to advise that a wharfage concession can be claimed on shipments which are directly related to ‘relief aid’ for the recent Tasmanian floods.  This is a voluntary PoMC initiative.

 The proposed mechanism would be a concession under the following terms:

 1.       The Bass Strait shipping lines should advise PoMC of shipments which are sent to Tasmania for direct ‘flood relief’.

2.       The shipping line will be required to submit documentation to PoMC to prove that the shipment was indeed for direct ‘flood relief’.

3.       Once PoMC approves, a wharfage concession would be processed for the shipping line.

4.       There is a period of time in which claims can be made which is three months, no claims for relief will be processed after 30 September 2016.

 PoMC expresses its sympathies for those affected by the floods and this gesture is a token of goodwill in assisting those communities and companies which are affected by this event.

 Please contact the below PoMC representative with any enquiries you may have.

 Enquiries: Gary McCarthy, Business Development Manager. Telephone:  03 6245 1890 or email gary.mccarthy@portofmelbourne.com